At Clearview Church, we are a group of believers dedicated to the 3 major principles:

  • Praising God because he is worthy of all praise and glory
  • Bringing people to the salvation that is found only in Jesus Christ
  • Building healthy families and rebuilding broken relationships



 The soft white light of the full moon danced through the prisms of the beveled leaded glass window. It slow waltzed across the floor, up and down the furniture, over the wall and across the floor once again. Then it did a soft shoe as it started up the far wall.

Not as bright as the sunshine of the day but light just the same, the moonlight has a beauty all its own. This light of the night performs its own special magic on the darkness, transforming blackness into a low spectrum of loveliness.

The apostle John often refers to Jesus as “Light” and that does not surprise me. Everywhere Jesus went, he shed light onto the darkness of this world. He was a bright beacon illuminating every life he touched.

The harder thing to grasp is that I too, as a Christian, am supposed to be a light; and not just any light, but the light of the world. Jesus told me so in Matthew 5. “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” As I watched the light of the full moon spill through my upstairs window, I saw clearly what he intended. Jesus the son is the sun and I his follower am the moon. He shines. I reflect. All the brightness is in him. His light is dulled by my imperfections.

In view of all Jesus has done for us, it is only fitting that we live good lives so that we better reflect His glorious light. A full moon is much brighter than a small crescent..

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Wednesday  Meal         5:30 PM

Wednesday Devotional  6:30 PM